Pokeball: Top 10 Pokemon: 1. Charmander 2. Growlithe 3. Bulbasaur 4. Absol 5. Tyranitar 6. Totodile  7.Salamence 8. Lucario 9. Starmie 10. Pikachu

Greatball: Favorite Pokemon Game: I played the shit out of Crystal from when it came out till about the beginning of middle school, after that I just made new files here and there.

Masterball: Favorite Legendary:  Mewtwo because of his intellect

Cherishball: Pokemon I love the most:  Not to be cliche, but Pikachu!

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Once in a blue moon there’s a blue sky.
I wear my blue jeans and fly my blue kite.
Hangs like a bluebird until the wind dies
and then the tears pour out of my blue eyes.
If it’s your birthday, we’ll bake a blue cake
and then we’ll eat it off these blue plates.
‘cause kid I don’t know much about you,
but I like you because you’re true blue.
Yeah, I don’t know much about you,
but I like you ‘cause you’re true blue.